All for your production

We care of your production to make it trouble-free and efficient. We automate production processes, manufacture equipment and fixtures, innovate and repair machines, program production lines, we make production safe… If you think we can help you, contact us.

Process Automation

Machine repairments

Machine security

PC/PLC programming

CAD design

New skills for machines

About us

We are an engineering company with more than 20 years of experience. Thanks to our work, the production of our customers is cheaper, has higher quality and safer. We automate production processes, protect the health and lives of workers, repair machines, produce jigs and equipment needed for production. Our work has helped to produce better products for companies like Contitech Continental, Pannasonic, Yanfeng, Adient, Leoni, Bizlink, ZF Sachs,…


Thanks to many years of experience, everything what we create is high quality and safe. Our brand stands on exellent work and satisfaction of our customers. Thanks to this, our customers are satisfied and their production is also high quality and reliable.


We stand with our customers during the entire phase of solving the innovations of their machines and production processes. We will find a solution, develop a design, manufacture all parts, assemblies and make them live.  We do everything to deliver the ideal solution to our customer.


We are a proud Slovak company and we are proud of the work that is created by our hands. We are pleased to see how our functional solutions help other companies grow and improve their production. In this way, we contribute to the growth of our entire society.