Our services

Many small and large companies rely on our services. We take care of their machines and production processes. Thanks to us, they are in excellent condition and generate a safe and reliable profit.

Process automatization

Automation in company saves time and production costs. It increases the accuracy, quality of your production and reduces the number of failures.The devices we create will exactly meet the specific requirements of your production.

jednoúčelové stoje

New possibilities for machines

Nowadays production must be dynamic and able to adapt to challenging market changes. Modification of production machines will allow to start producing new products on old proven machines. We give the machine new software and mechanical parts. Thanks to this, our customers save and at the same time can start their production.

Nové možnosti strojov

Security for operators

The safety of people in the workplace is paramount. Everyone deserves to work in a safe environment. We perform a risk analysis of production machines and eliminate them. We install mechanical and optical barriers. We will add safety circuits to the equipment. We will do everything to ensure that the device is safe and complies with the latest safety standards. 

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Machine repariments

Old machine can serve well and make a profit in the long time period. But it is necessary to take proffesional care for it.  We disassemble the device to the last screw, lubricate, clean, reassemble and revive the device. If necessary, we produce new components or switchboards. Your device will work well again and reliably.

Generálne opravy strojov

Machine programming

We offer services in the field of production line programming. Depending on the specific situation on the machine, we will modify the entire program or add the necessary parts. We have the most experience with Simatic or Mitsubishi systems.

Programovanie liniek

Switchboards production

We offer complete care for switchboards and electrical equipment. According to specific requirements, we will create a new switchboard or modify the old one. We will replace old electrical components, add new circuits… And the device can work again without any problems.

Jigs production

The jigs allow the correct positioning of parts in production. Therefore is so important careful production of jig. This guarantees quality production.
We produce jigs of any type. Simple welded, assembled, or jigs with movements, positioning…

Výroba prípravkov

Assebmly tables production

We pay attention to all aspects of work so people can do their best job. They will ot fight agains equipment Our tables have good lighting, they are ergonomic, the workers have everything they need within reach.

Výroba montážnych liniek a stolov

Heating chamber production

We produce chambers that heat parts and maintain a constant temperature. Thanks to this, it will be possible to reliably meet the specific requirements of product production and achieve the required quality. The chamber has all safety and functional elements.