Let’s take a look at our solutions and projects that have helped our customers solve their production problems in the past. During the decades of our existence on the market, we have been approached by a number of companies to help them in various areas of their production.

Services for production plants

Our company helps companies to ensure quality and reliable production. In this article, you will learn how we help them achieve their goals.

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General machine repairements

All machines need their care. Prevention is the basis of health. For older devices, it's a good idea to make a general from time to time.

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Safety production

Moving machine parts, high temperature, height, ... are just some of the factors that can cause injury in work. We work to prevent it.

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Our work for Contitech

Contitech produces rubber-metal parts. Their customers include companies such as BMW, Daimler (Mercedes) ... We help them ensure that their production can satisfy even the most demanding customers.


Projects for Bizlink

Bizlink produces cables. It has high productivity - thousands of products a week, which requires great demands on people and machines. PLC systems cares about machines so they can handle this without any problems.

Projects for different companies

Thanks to our company, many companies have been able to meet their goals, improve production or make it safe. Let’s take a look at how we gave them a helping hand.